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The following are handwritten letters and emails we recieve. We appreciate the time taken to let us know your stories and we love hearing how Pecard has brought leather back to life.



I purchased an old military black leather M1911 .45 cal holster and it arrived in extremely dried out condition basically stiff as a board. I searched the web for a product that would work on old gun holsters and had lots of conflicting advice; however, several sites recommended your products. I ordered a bottle of Shoe Oil and you sent a sample of the leather dressing.

I applied several coats of the shoe oil to the inside of the holster on the rough leather using a toothbrush to get inside and rubbed in several coats of the leather dressing on the outside of the holster. I then applied a good coat of gun oil to my M1911 .45, wrapped it in a plastic shopping bag and placed it in the holster. I placed the holster in the warm garage and rubbed in the leather dressing with a cloth several times a day for a few days until the holster stopped absorbing the product.

The holster came out great in better shape than the holsters I was issued in the Army! I will be using it on all my holsters, leather slings, ammo pouches, and boots to name a few items that I own needing some additional care. You have a customer for life no and I will let my friends know about your great products.

Thanks again.

DuWayne M.
Houston, TX



I am a big fan of buying the best, and I got it. Your products are well known to me, so when purchasing oil and dressing for my motorcycle leathers, Pecard's was the natural choice. Your mail order service, however, was new to me. I can't believe how quickly my order was received, email confirmations sent out, and in just two days my order arrived cross country.
Amazing! Thanks for great products, and double thanks for the fast-fast service. 

Victoria, Texas



Thank you for taking the time to share with me your recommendations for treating the leather furniture we just obtained from our daughter. We carefully followed your instructions & those that were on the container of the Pecard furniture lotion. We were very PLEASED with the results. I will be trying out the Pecard crème leather dressing on my leather belts soon. You can be rest assured, as the back page of the Pecard brochure/catalog requested: “we will spread the word !”

D. T.



I recently purchased an eight plait ten foot bull whip. The handcrafter included instructions regarding the breaking in and conditioning of his product and recommended Pecard Leather Conditioning. The whip was very well made but would not crack very well because it was so rigid. I took the handcrafter's advice and purchased a 6 oz tub of your classic leather care conditioner. Over the course of several evenings (allowing time between for the leather to absorb) I worked in the entire six ounces from the tub. After letting the whip lie pulled out in the hallway, it has completely absorbed the full application. The whip is in excellent condition and EXTREMELY flexible and has a very smooth operation that I was not expecting. I now recommend your product to my friends, and as a few minutes ago I'm a repeat customer as I have a dried out leather baldric for one of my swords. You guys should seriously have a feedback section on your website and a link to read the reviews. Awesome product.

Sincerely, M.G.



I am really astounded your product exceeds all of my expectations by miles!This is really Magic in a can. I can't even tell you how it restored myjacket.


D.E.R., PA

I haveused your product for many years on my old military leather items. I am morethan happy and recommend your items to all!! Any recommendations toothers would be no problem. Certainly wish other companies would try so hard.Thanks!!




I bought your leather dressing after reading it was good for jackets. I was looking for something to use on my A2 flight jacket from my time as a crewmember on the USAF AWACS aircraft. This jacket is very special to me, so I needed the highest quality product.

Needless to say, it now looks incredible--better than when I first got it.
Keep up the great work!

M.M. , MS




Hello - Received order yesterday and oiled three pairs of boots today - two red wings and one bean boot.  awesome stuff!!  they were all parched - i think i did at least two applications of oil on each and then the leather dressing on top.  they all drank it in!  thank you for the extra tub of dressing - that stuff is awesome - i will surely buy a big bucket when it runs out.  great products!!!  i'll never use Kiwi again!!! 


have a good weekend.







 I just wanted to send you a quick note to express my pleasure with your Motorcycle Leather Dressing. I am very impressed with the results from just one application of your product to my 20 year old Hein Gericke Dakar jacket. I purchased your product at Renegade Classics here in Fresno, CA. My jacket cleaned up very nice to say the least and is softer than I can remember it being for a long time. I tried your product on my Held gloves and BMW leathers with similar results. Well done and Thank You!


Best Regards, Mike H






I recently recieved a leather trap shooters bag, "Championship Amarillo Texas 1983." It has been in a dry, double door, locked, secret basement since he won it. I hoped there would be a way to restore this keepsake. 


I am very happy to inform you and your co-workers that after two light coatings of Pecard leather Dressing, this prize bag has come to life. Words can't explain my wife's reaction when I presented it to her. Her brother meant the world to her. 


Thank you,





Wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Antique Leather Dressing. The results on a WWII flight coat are nothing short of remarkable. This is a long coat, apparently made for the Russian air force under Lend Lease. How this one found it's way back to the US, or maybe never left, I don't know. I've owned the coat about 5 years and had kept it stashed in a closet as I thought the condition was too fragile and the color was inconsistant.


Last week I got ambitious and applied the Antique Dressing (big job, this is a full length, double breasted coat) and the results were stunning. I had cleaned it some time ago with saddle soap and used some other leather conditioner but the coat, and particularlty the collar were stiff. Your Dressing made the entire coast soft and supple. The color is now even and what was once a relic for show is now a wearable garment. 


Can't wait to try this on a couple other old leather jackets of mine. 


I am impressed. 







‎Wow. That is some product you've got there. I applied some by hand and it absorbs quickly and cleanly. As I work it, I notice not only a dramatic improvement in the surface appearance, but an immediate increase of the suppleness all the way through the substrate.


I'm going to send you a before and after photo that might even surprise you: my grandfather was a harness maker, and I have a portmonee he made as an apprentice. This thing is more than 100 years old.


Again, my thanks,