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Pecard Chemical Co. Inc., has been a small family-owned company in Wisconsin since 1902. Since that time, Pecard's Leather Care had become the most trusted for the treatment, preservation and weatherproofing of leather. With over 100 years of leather care excellence, Pecard had the experience to help you answer your questions. Whether it is to revive antique or vintage leather, how to condition exotic leather, weatherproof leathers, or care for any type of leather.

Pecard Leather Care, Antique Leather care, Motorcycle Leather Care, Equestrian Leather Care, and Fashion / Furniture Care lines were specially constructed to provide you with the optimal products for every type of leather in that category. Our specialized product lines are formulated for individual consumers and private label for brand name companies. Rigorous testing allows us to recommend the right conditioner for every leather product you own.

We are very confident that you will be overjoyed knowing the Pecard Leather Care Products will give you the results you expect from the finest leather dressings for today's needs. An acknowledgement of that quality is portrayed through the comitment from our strong private label product line for many large footwear and leather product manufacturers.